Catarina & Rui

A lot of couples dream of getting married at the beach, feeling the sun, the sand and the fresh breeze. These weddings are always pretty and relaxed, but the one of Catarina and Rui was special, planned to the smallest detail. And not even the threat of rain and the stubborn wind ruined what was a perfect day!

With the Island of Arroz, at Comporta Beach, as a setting, everything was designed keeping in mind the simplicity, elegance and boldness of the couple.

Jackie & Sheinal

We love the challenge of foreign couples, that’s what we live for! It’s amazing to look for influences and learn about traditions/cultures different to ours and, in the end, everything makes sense.

In the wedding of Jackie and Sheinal, we dove into the Chinese and Indian cultures and, during 9 months, we planned, designed, guided and, together with the couple, materialized the event, which lasted for 4 days, included 3 ceremonies and guests from all over the world.

The graphic pieces had Portuguese inspiration but were written in English and Mandarin. The emerald green and white marked the decoration of a glamorous and elegant wedding we’ll never forget.

Lauren & Nuno

Every wedding is unique and impossible to forget. But Lauren and Nuno showed up and surpassed everything in all categories.

A Luso-American wedding, in a magnificent place with an incredible energy – lasting 3 days. With fado nights, wine tasting and a stunning ceremony, every decoration detail transpired elegance and refinement, between tiles, candlesticks and a very particular architecture.

The couple wanted to feel like the king and queen of the palace and we believe that is exactly what happened.